BImpro for Revit®

Focus on Design and Coordination and REMOVE the Spooling Bottleneck by using BIMPro to automate your spooling, sheet creation, and more!

Automated Spooling

BIMPro uses industry-backed logic to automate the spool identification process. Instead of redistributing this effort to the field, automate and remove it from the workflow. Try BIMPro's automated spooling today!

Automated Sheet Creation

BIMPro automates the sheet creation process by batch creating the fabrication spool sheets, automatically placing customized views, tags, dimensions and more!

BIMPro Productivity Tools

BIMPro has a series of tools focused on making the design to fabrication workflow smoother. From a seamless integration with FabPro to automated spool map generation, hanger layout and reports, field points, and a .MAJ import tool that facilitates the move from CAD to Revit; there is not another solution that combines so many features into one package.

Schedule a Demo with us today to learn more about how BIMPro can help you get faster, more accurate spools to the Fab Shop with far less manual effort.

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